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What is in your way to feel Joy and Happiness?

Learn what is in your way to feel happy and joyous from deep Within!!  Get to know the bliss doctor within your SELF!!

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Dr. Gupta is the author of the series of books "Informational Nature of Being". His writings address fundamental question of existence addressing how Joy and Happiness provide ultimate meaning to our Lives. His writings reflect his search for meaning and joy in his own life spanning past 30 years. For example, does GOD exist? What is the nature of the silence? What is the meaning of Life? What is the true nature of the self? What is Digital Divine and what is Divine Meaning? How can one feel the supreme Joy? How does modern living contribute to causing stress and stress related ailments such as depression, anxiety and high blood pressure just to name a few? How can one realize relief from the pain caused by stress responses in our body? How one can discover one's True Self? How can one lead harmonious, emotionally fulfilling and meaningful life by knowing one's true self that he calls quantum self? Key Words Does GOD exists, The silence, Meaning of Life, The self, True Self, Digital Divine, Divine Meaning, Feel The Joy, Joy and Happiness, Life meaning, My Stress Relief, Stress Causes, Where is GOD, Joy, Divine, God, Quantum, Stress, Depression, Meaning, Life Active Websites to get more information 1. Road to digital divine: What is the meaning of digital divine? What is computational, informational nature of being? What can be the nature of divinity from informational point of view? What is the nature of our universe from digital informational perspective? 2. Does GOD Exist? What is the nature of GOD from informational point of view? 3. Where is GOD? Where does the informational WHOLE reside? What are the properties of informational WHOLE, digital divine or cosmic mind? Are these different names for the same entity? 4. What is the nature of silence? What is emptiness? What are the mathematical creatures lurking in the depth of emptiness? Is emptiness nothingness or completeness? Does emptiness reflect a grand computing platform? 5. What is the meaning of divinity from informational perspective? What is divine meaning? 6. Is there a GOD in me? Can infinite reside in finite? Can I talk to GOD in me? Can I exchange information with the GOD in me? Can I get useful guidance from a GOD in me? 7. What is the nature of myself? What is my true nature? Am I finite limited as my perceptual reality reveals or I am infinite with unlimited potential and possibilities? Is my true nature of Joy? 8. What is the informational nature of being or the self? How does the self interface with the rest and the whole? 9. Does joy provide final meaning to life? How does one feel the joy from deep within? What is the nature of contentment? What is the nature of oneness? What is the meaning of life? 10. What is the nature of digital divine? What is quantum information? What is binary information? What is an informational entity? What is the nature of informational self, rest and the WHOLE?

Joy & Happiness


Thank you for the privilege to talk about my favorite topic, “JOY” or “JOY FROM DEEP WITHIN”. It is also the title of my second book in the series of books, Informational Nature of Being.  We are all incorrigible seekers of bliss or joy. Our minds are wired to be happy. At least that is what our modern scientific studies contend. How many of you believe that? May be with exception of a few most us struggle to be happy and keep that feeling of joy most of the time. What has gone wrong?


Many studies reveal religious or spiritual people are happier. Many studies show married people are happier. Many of us believe that childhood is the stage of most happiness. Many of us think that we could be happier if we could be more rich or good looking—handsome, beautiful, or successful or smart.


One thing is sure that feeling joy is important to all of us. Why is that so? You would think the answer should be clear and precise, but it is not. I will get back to this later but let me ask you, “Who is it that needs to be happy?” Of course, since we are talking about “our” happiness, you may say that it is your self or “I” that needs to be happy. So “Who is this self or I that needs to be happy?


You may say, “I or me” with your name, titles, education, place in the society with certain face, body, the one I can see in the mirror. Great!  Then that voice inside you may say, “I think I know that this is not all I am, maybe there is more to myself than my physical self.”

Who is doing the thinking? Who is it that is doing the act of understanding or doubting? Maybe there is a little “I” within my physical body that I cannot see in the mirror. Is this the one which needs to be happy? Has science found any such entity called inner I?


Where does this inner “I” reside? Could it be any organ in my body or a cell or a molecule or may be an atom that is part of my being? Or perhaps a combination of many atoms or molecules or cells or maybe organs that represent this inner “I”? I can tell you that despite of incredible efforts, the science still has not been able to find that physical material entity called “inner self”. So what is the true nature of this self? The new science of quantum information, on the other hand, has a lot to say about this entity. In this new model, as I described in the first books of this series,  Road to Digital Divine, our universe emerges as one informational entity or a grand cosmic mind or digital divine where all entities are reducible to entangled quantum or binary bits that are instantaneously connected to one another.


And not only the inner self but also the physical self that we see in the mirror are all informational entities and are all digitally or informationally connected to this grand entity. So what does that mean? It means that laws of information rather than the laws of classical physics govern the behavior and nature of this entity. Accordingly, the informational self has two basic natures.


First, it leads to tendencies of “I, mine, or my.”  It arises when self computes in binary mode. It gives rise to ego. We know ego well. It is well recognizable human personality trait in our modern societies. Here my self-interests become more important than others interests.


Second, “us, ours, and we” emphasizes the nature of this self that is for others. It arises from self computing in quantum mode. All sense of love, empathy, oneness or unity consciousness arises from this foundation. I describe this as our quantum self. It acts for the benefit of community rather than self. It gives rise to saint like nature in humans.


With two selves of different nature in one body, humans have learnt the meaning of the word “suffering”. Which of the self is my true nature? The knowledge of this truth is not trivial, and in fact, it is nothing short of enlightenment. Once understood mentally and experientially, it has potential to fill us with the incredible joy emanating from deep within.

Transcript of a talk given by Dr. H. Gupta in Los Angeles, CA

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